Why we left London

St Pauls Cathedral in London from the street with tourists

On Sunday we made the big move back home. Packing up our lives in London to return to live with our parents. So why did we do it? Why move back in with our parents? Why leave London?

One of the major factors of why we decided to leave is the cost of living within London. After moving down to London Grace was and intern for 4 months and eventually employed full-time by the company and Alice was an unpaid intern and worked a zero hours contract at a gallery too. Even with our jobs we were spending more money on commuting than going out. It was a special treat to go out for brunch or a few drinks.┬áDon’t get us wrong, we loved living in London too! The easy access to some of the most incredible galleries, museums and shopping and all the great little independent cafes and restaurants. It’s just something that we don’t have much of here back at home.

So why leave London when we wanted to be around all these amazing things? Back in June Grace handed her notice in for the company she was working for. She wasn’t enjoying her job anymore and decided she wanted to try something completely different. She decided that she would be moving back home at the end of our tenancy in the flat. Which left Alice with the options of finding somewhere new to live in London or to move up north, which she had been considering. Its cheaper, she still has friends up north and some cities do have the art hubs and independent shops just like London.

After discussing what were going to do we both came to the conclusion that it would be the perfect time to go travelling. Last year our interrail had to be put on hold due to Alice getting an internship and so we never went on this trip that we were really looking forward to. Now we are planning an even bigger trip!

Tale of Two Sisters is off to South East Asia!!!

We have our first flight booked, jabs booked in and visa research done. We have booked a one way flight so we have no return date or time limit on our travels, nerve-wracking we know. All we know is that we have been looking at visiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. So please suggest any tips or places you think we should visit, and please let us know if there is anything that you would like to hear about, whether that is about what jabs you need, flights, packing or certain areas of South East Asia.

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