What to expect at university

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It has come round to that time of year again. So many people are off to university and for many of them it will be their first time living away from home. Both of us moved away from home and from our home county when we went off to university many moons ago, and now our little brother is doing the same. It can be a very daunting time so we thought we would put together a little list of what you can expect throughout university.


Being homesick is Ok

If you think about it being homesick is one of the nicest things (in a way…), you miss home and you miss your family. Everyone reacts differently to moving away and some people get homesick really badly and others may not get homesick till later in the year. At the end of the day it is all really normal. If you are feeling homesick best way to combat it is speaking about it to other housemates, course mates or if neither are an option search out a uni councillor. We have both suffered with homesickness and it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, in fact more people get it than you think. But don’t worry it wears off, soon all your new friends will become your new chosen family!


You won’t stay friends with everyone

When you first get to uni you expect you and your flatmates to be best friends for life. This doesn’t always happen, in fact all those people who you meet throughout freshers… you probably won’t speak to them again. Some people are lucky and make great friendships with the people that they are flung together with in first year. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you are all there for each other when you need to be and then you find people that have more in common with. Freshers is a time that you can speak to anyone and test them out, like ordering from Asos you can always send them back. Just remember if you are living with them, at least be polite until you move out, for your sake and other flatmates.


Everyone is in the same position

Everything seems daunting when moving to a new city, a new flat and new people. Just remember that everyone is in the same position on that first day; whether that be first day in halls or first day in class. If you are lucky you may know some people already but in most cases no one will know each other. It can seem like such an anxiety inducing situation but remember someone has to make the first move; be open with each other and if it’s all a bit awkward, drinks will go a long way as a student!


Enjoy the student discounts

Student discounts are AMAZING. Most places will just take your student ID but others may ask for an NUS card. Test it out first around the town or city, and remember to always ask at the till. If they do ask for an NUS card it is an amazing investment, so don’t hesitate. Some stores even do student nights too so keep an eye out for those to get yourselves an extra bargain. If you want to know where you can get these discounts first check on the NUS website, most of them will be the same as your student ID. You can also get a 3 year long NUS card but we recommend you get this in your final year of uni as it means you can have it even when you aren’t a student (sneakyyyyyy.)


People are messy

Just a warning, you will get annoyed with mess or people using your utensils and not washing them. Now again you may be lucky and have amazing flatmates who clean up after themselves and never eat your food. But lets face it, its everyone’s first time living away from parents. Some people will just have been mollycoddled a little bit more and haven’t had to clean up after themselves. Most of the time its best just to leave them to clean up their own mess and if it starts to get bad to have a nice word with them about it.


Weird food combinations

So you are on your last £20 till you go home, all you have left are baked beans with sausages, pasta and bread. You’re gonna eat it! Believe us when we say we have had some weird food combinations (like rice and baked beans with chicken), some of them will work others will not but when you are saving every penny you will get used to them. These mainly come when you are low on money or trying to use everything in the cupboard before you move out or it goes off. It is all part of being a student so just embrace it!


Make friends for life

Everyone being flung together in this weird way means that you will come out with some friends for life that have seen you through tick and thin, ups and downs and had a cry with you while you’re drunk. Our time at our chosen universities were some of the best days of our life. We have both come out of uni with friends that we will have for life, we can’t imagine life without them anyway!


Just remember to have fun! That is what university is all about, you’re almost an adult so enjoy the student life!


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