What to do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos Town at sunset

Zakynthos was one of the most stunning Greek islands that Alice has ever visited. Its white sandy beaches and crystal clear sea are #instagoalz! So what is there to do in Zakynthos?

Shipwreck Beach

Full view of the shipwreck on Shipwreck Beach Zakynthos Greek Islands

Probably one of THE most instagramed places in Europe this beach is stunning. We took a half day boat trip out to Shipwreck Beach and it was probably one of the best days of our holiday. The trip also took us to some other spots (which will be mentioned later on) and was only about €20 each. Wear good shoes if your going as the beach is pebbly and just a warning the sea is freezing!


Eat all the greek food

The food is SO GOOD. If you have been to Greece you will know how delicious all the Greek dishes are! I have never tasted tomatoes so delicious as I have in Greece and greek salads are the perfect light meal on a hot day. Don’t forget to try the fish too (seriously some of the freshest swordfish I have ever had!) If you are not in to fish i recommend you try kleftiko, slovaki and moussaka, which are available on most Greek islands.


Blue Caves

The Blue Caves were a short stop on our boat our to Shipwreck Beach, I just wish we could have stayed longer. Here the water is amazingly clear, i’ve never seen water like it! Our tour boat drove in to the caves too but wasn’t able to pass through them because of its size, however you can do this with some tour companies. We had a dip in the water too and again it was freezing! It literally took our breath away, so you have been warned!



If you are looking for party central, this is where we were told to visit. On south of the island Laganas is known for its recent drinking culture and clubs. Be careful though! We heard some horror stories while we were over in Zakynthos about the alcohol and were told to order only things in bottles. This is a very popular destination for typical you brits abroad for its party scene, if this ain’t your thing I suggest the north of the island instead which is much more family orientated.


Xigia beach

Xigia Beach Zakynthos with blue water


The third stop on our boat trip Xigia is part of a natural thermal spa. Apparently the water here is really good for your skin and bones,a natural health spa basically. The water is warmer here too, compared to the blue caves and Shipwreck beach, you can feel warm water streams around you as you swim in the sea. It’s delightful. However, be warned that there is a slight smell of rotten egg from the sulphur from the natural spa.


Zakynthos Town 

Square in Zakynthos Town in Zante at sunset

If you can’t tell this is Zakynthos’ main town and definitely worth a visit. It has a beautiful port and Solomos square is pretty impressive. In the town there are plenty of tourist shops, some lovely bars and a selection of great restaurants. I had some amazing sword fish here with roasted veggies.


Turtle Island

Zakynthos is home to the endangered Loggerhead turtle. They mainly live on the south of the island and boat tours can take you to turtle beach. However, I would suggest that you look for eco sensitive tours.


Speak to the locals

A big part of Alice’s trip to Zakynthos was made even better by just speaking to the locals. Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help. From speaking to the locals we learnt about different places on the island to go to and different places to eat at! All the good things!


Can you suggest anything for our next trip to Zakynthos?


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