What to do in Liverpool?

Liverpool. The home of the Beatles, scouse and the Liverbird. Alice lived in Liverpool for three years while studying at uni. So here are a few suggestions of things to do while you’re there.


Of course the main reason a lot of people travel to Liverpool is because of the Beatles. For those people who love the Beatles I suggest the Beatles museum on Albert Dock. This museum does what it says on the tin. It starts from the beginning and has a lot of memorabilia and original items from Beatles history, it even includes a replica of the Cavern and a Beatles theme Starbucks at the end!

For hardcore fans you may want to try the ‘magical mystery tour’ which visits famous spots from their songs like Penny Lane and the homes of the band members.



Liverpool One is great for shopping and dining, I would thoroughly recommend a visit for all you shopaholics as personally it is the best place I have shopped! The Topshop is amazing! Not far from Liverpool One is the Cavern (keeping with a Beatles theme). On Matthew street you will find a range of pubs with the Cavern at one end, although no longer in its original place, they have recreated the whole feel of the place. They have different bands playing each night and they have a tribute Beatles band most weekends. These nights do get very busy so if you do plan on visiting get there early!

If you’re more of the arty type, like myself, Tate Liverpool is on the Albert dock and always has great exhibitions. You can also explore further in to town and see the paintings in the walker art gallery. Here they house a wealth of historical paintings including ones of Henry VIII and traditional biblical paintings and they have a sculpture gallery. In 2014 Banksy even exhibited a piece of work here.


Right next door to the Walker Art Gallery is the World Museum and the Liverpool Central Library. The World Museum has an aquarium, stuffed animals, planetarium and world history. It’s basically 4 or 5 places all in one roof. A great day out for children too with their multiple activities. I was lucky enough to see their archives in my final year of uni too!


Liverpool Central Library is quite new, only being finished in 2013. Its a wonderful modern library but the best part to see is the Picton reading room. Filled with rare books as you go round this part of the library you feel like Belle from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It is truly amazing and holds some of the weirdest and most interesting books. Bonus as its free to get in and see all of it!

If you are wanting to see some more of the history of Liverpool, that isn’t to do with the Beatles, you can try the Museum of Liverpool at the Liverpool waterfront- Go to Albert dock and you’ll see the building. I would also recommend the tour of the original docks. Now underneath the city, there is a viewing glass hole outside of John Lewis, the docks were excavated and shed light on Liverpool’s trading history.

Liverpool is also home to the  5th largest cathedral in the world (it is also the longest in the world). The Anglican Cathedral is where Alice’s graduation was held and it is a magnificent building. Inside the stain glass windows tower above you and the Tracy min art work lights up the entrance. If you do go try and find the whispering wall- you whisper in to a specific part of the wall and someone across the cathedral can hear you when standing in the right place.

Its a friendly city, be prepared for the wind and HAVE FUN!

What are your favourite things to do in Liverpool?


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