What and Where to eat in Hanoi

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

When we first arrived in Hanoi it was a little daunting venturing out in to busy streets and knowing what is good food. With the help of foursquare and recommendations from other travellers we found some amazing meals. Being our first stop in Vietnam we learnt a lot about Vietnamese food and some of the meals that have become our staples while traveling. Here is what you should be eating while in Vietnam and where you should eat in Hanoi.


Banh mi

Banh mi is basically just a baguette sandwich, with all those great Vietnamese flavours. Traditionally it is served with pate, meat, carrot, cucumber and coriander. However, there are may variations available around such as tofu, chicken and beef. Just ask and you’ll see different street vendors selling different meats.



Pho (said fu) is a both served with noodles, meat and a few herbs. Again different street vendors will sell different meats and you add the herbs in yourself depending on what you want. Pho is incredibly popular, you will see it everywhere, and many Vietnamese will have it for breakfast.


Bun cha

Bun cha is though to have originated in Hanoi and you will rarely see this dish outside of Hanoi. Similar to pho in a way, it is made out of a broth in which you place noodles, meat and herbs to your liking. Served with it should be a plate of spring rolls which you also put in to the bowl. This was one of our favourite dishes in Hanoi; if only we could get it in the south too!



Street Vendors

The locals eat at these street vendors for a reason. Some of the best food in town you can get on the side of the street with a 25p beer and pay just over a pend for a filling meal. Also the experience of sitting on tiny stools in the street while struggling with chopsticks is pretty unique.


New Day Resturant

On our first night in Hanoi we went to New Day restaurant. The atmosphere was lovely with everyone chatting away, people sharing tables and the food wasn’t half bad either. On the weekend the tables run out in to the street as they shut off some of the roads for the night market.


Bun Cha Ta

Good Bun Cha, AMAZING spring rolls. We are still measuring other spring rolls to these and only one has come close. The atmosphere didn’t touch New Day but the staff were incredibly friendly and gave us free shots of their own brewed apple, apricot and ginger rice wine. We were a little warm and happy after that.


Banh Mi 25

Great Banh Mi in the middle of old town with plenty of options, and if like us you aren’t a fan of coriander they won’t put it on. It looks like it started as a street vendor and has done quite well so bought a shop for some seats a little further down the road so don’t worry if you are weary from walking around.



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