Welcome Home, Tim Peake

We thought we would do something different for the blog today, seeing as an exciting event has happened in Britain’s modern history and we love being patriotic. We sent our first British astronaut to the International Space Centre in December and he has now returned to Earth after spending half a year in space! How cool is that!?

There aren’t many people that can say that they have lived in outer-space, but that is exactly what Tim Peake did for six months, becoming Britain’s first official ESA astronaut. On Saturday Tim and the rest of his crew, Tim Kopra and Yuri Malenchenko, returned to Earth. What an adventure that must have been for them all, being able to travel where only a few can.

Whilst he was up there Tim helped with over 250 scientific experiments, performed a space walk and truly made the most of his time in space. He ran the London Marathon… from space. He presented Adele with a Brit Award… from space. AND he took some pretty amazing pictures of our amazing Earth… FROM SPACE!

Tim’s pictures show such a different perspective of Earth and it is fascinating to see what our world actually looks like from outer-space. It is hard not to feel incredibly small when you see the images, knowing how far away he was and how minuscule places like the Grand Canyon and London look on the images. It’s just a shame there weren’t any aliens to photo-bomb the pictures!!

After landing on Saturday, Tim called the experience the best ride of his life and mentioned how the had missed the smell of Earth, which is absolutely fascinating. We never stop to think that the Earth has a specific smell, so little things like that are incredibly cool to think about! He is just such a smiley and humble man that he makes me want to learn more about space and The Earth and ways in which we can help find out more about whats going on at home and lightyears away.

Tim is sharing his passion of science and space alive for the next generation which is incredibly important so that we can keep exploring this expansive universe and find more mind-blowing things. Imagine being able to go on holiday in outer-space in the future. How cool would that be? (VERY).

Be sure to check out Tim’s space journey on Twitter and Instagram, where there are more incredible space images. You wont regret it.

Twitter: @astro_timpeake
Instagram: @astro_timpeake

So this post is dedicated to Tim, a great and humble adventurer. You have made a nation proud. May you live long and prosper, Sir!


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