Unusual places to visit this Summer

Temple on a hill in the sunshine in Myanmar

Fed up with the usual Summer trips to Spain, America or South East Asia? Well, look no further, we have put together a little guide about the more unusual Summer destinations we think everyone should be visiting this year. Lets get your wanderlust rolling!


Blue seas and skies with beach beds facing towards it Source

Many people know of Croatia, but a little place that you may not have on your radar is Albania. Along the same Adriatic coastline as Croatia, Albania is on the edge of taking off as the next tourist destination that you NEED to visit. Do you want mountains? Albania has them. A thriving capital city? Triana is just that. Stunning beaches? Albania’s will knock your socks off! If you want an affordable, Balkan experience Albania is the place for you!


Temple on a hill in the sunshine in Myanmar


After re-opening its borders to visitors in 2010, Myanmar (formally Burma) is still bringing itself into the 21st century whilst preserving the best of their past. Myanmar’s turbulent past can’t be forgotten and you will find reminders of this throughout the country, so be vigilant of these. Take a trip to the many temples in the ruined city of Pagan and see why this developing country could be a new special spot during your trip to South East Asia. That’s right; it borders both Thailand and Laos so why not add a trip over the Myanmar border to your itinerary.


colourful streets in columbia with a market

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Columbia has had a turbulent past what with guerrillas, paramilitary groups and the infamous Pablo Escobar but don’t let that put you off! The security situation in Columbia has drastically improved. You shouldn’t miss Columbia’s bright and bold avenues and cobblestone villages that feel like you have been transported into a different century. Also make sure you visit the archaeological site in the ‘Lost City’ of Ciudad Perdida and the beautiful coast of San Agustín. If you want some variety, Columbia has just that – Just make sure you check the area you want to travel to before booking!

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan woman picking crops from a field with mountains in the backgroundSource

Few places have as many UNESCO sites in such as small area as Sri Lanka, which has eight! Their thousands of years of culture can be discovered through ancient sites, beautiful temples and the many peaks that make up the Sri Lankan landscape. Sri Lanka is increasingly becoming a firm part he itineraries of travellers and from what we have seen, we completely understand why! Who wouldn’t want to discover remarkable beaches and unusual wildlife?  Sri Lanka is super affordable and it’s often still uncrowded, so get there while the buzz is still under the radar.

Lisbon, Portugal

View of terracotta houses in Lisbon, Portual

Source – Rustam Aliyev

It seems like everyone and their Nan have just discovered Portugal’s capital city Lisbon. Why? Well, it may have something to do with the great for, stunning scenery and cheap alcohol. So make sure you visit too before it becomes overly touristy. Lisbon is a haven particularly for foodies, so while you’re there fill yourself up on many michelin star meals and of course the Pasteis de nata, an egg tart that is common and popular in this region!

St Petersburg, Russia 

Smolny Convent in darkness in St Petersburg


Have you heard there’s a rumour in St Petersburg? (Yes, that is an Anastasia quote shown in here) That it is the next up and coming travel destination! Just take one look at the stunning architecture of the Church of the Savior on Blood and the Winter Palace. St Petersburg also has often been compared to Venice due to the many canals and bridges in the city. In the Summer you will have endless days of fun, especially as the sun barley sets here at this time of year.


Where are you planning on going this Summer? Let us know below!

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