The Best Places to Eat in Copenhagen

Before visiting Copenhagen we had heard a lot of things about its food scene, the New Nordic Cuisine and how the city has a relaxed and approachable take on food. During our time in Copenhagen we were aware of how expensive it can be and were on a budget, so you won’t find the likes of the highly praised Noma on our list.

Moller Kaffe & Kokken

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Luckily for us, our AirBnB was in a perfect location for us to reach the popular Moller Kaffe and Bokken within 5 minutes. Not only is the interior for this place beautiful, the food is amazing too. Moller Kaffe & Bokken is a brunch restaurant where you tick boxes on the menu to order a lot of small dishes – Its basically like a brunch tapas. They offer different style eggs, sausages, bread, yoghurt, fruit etc., and each dish cost between 20-50kr. We ordered sourdough bread with whipped butter; Avocado with creme fraiche, paprika and pepper; and a side of bacon for Alice. The service was quick, extremely friendly and the plates, though smaller than we were anticipating, were delicious and filling.

Lo-Jo’s Social 



On our first night in Copenhagen we were tired from travelling, getting lost and climbing the Rundetaarn and were looking for somewhere to eat in the centre of town when we stumbled across Lo-Jo’s Social. You can’t miss it. It is a bright blue building in the centre of the city, around the corner from the Rundertaarn. Whilst there was a limited menu, it had everything you needed – butter milk chicken, burgers, salads, chips, churros and every Tuesday they have all you can eat Mussels for 90kr! Lo Jo’s Social had the friendliest of staff (it turned out they were British too) who played some pretty awesome music (we can’t say no to Robbie Williams’ Swing While You’re Winning!).


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If there is one burger you must try whilst in Copenhagen it is the Tripple Truffle Cheese burger from Sliders. The restaurant has 9 kinds of sliders (obviously) from which you can pick and choose to go along with your portion of chips and a dip. Between the two of us we managed to try a pretty good selection of the 9 burgers. We had #1 Tripple Truffle Cheese, #3 Sloppy Mamma, #4 Little Miss Fatty, #6 Ugly Duckling, #8 BBQ Tender and #9 Butter Corn Beef. Grace’s favourite was the Tripple Truffle Cheese burger and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Sliders is perfect for taking away to eat on the lake side or in the park, or you can eat in the chilled ambiance of the restaurant itself. Find it across the Dronning Louises Bridge on Norrebrogarde.

Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen

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Copenhagen’s Paper Island, or Papirøen, is home to Copenhagen’s Street Food Market and boy it is HUGE. There is an abundance of choice in the market, accommodating to everyone. You can find traditional smorrebrod, sushi, burgers, falafels amongst other types of food and a selection of drinks, cocktails and beer. Paper Island has a great vibe, one that we would compare to that  of Camden or Shoreditch, and is a busy and sociable place for groups of people or individuals to hang out. We grabbed a potato smorrebrod, sat with our feet dangling over the water and looked over at what we think was the Royal Opera House (please correct us if we are wrong!). It was a great way to spend a couple of hours and is a foodie’s dream.


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Vaffelbageren is an old fashioned ice-cream shop that serves their ice-cream in homemade waffles made from a secret recipe from 1920. Most visitors were opting for a popular soft ice in a cone that was then dipped in chocolate. YUM. However, Alice ordered  Oreo and chocolate scoops and Grace chose a mint choice chip cone. On a hot day, finding this gem was a god-send for us over-heating travellers. We got our cones and sat on the edge of the canal, watching the world go by. What a wonderful way to spend our time in the colourful Nyhavn.

American Pie Company


The morning that we left Copenhagen we were determined to grab some pie from the American Pie Company. We had seen pictures of it on Instagram and knew that we needed a slice of that. The day before we ate there we arrived just before closing, so there were only two slices of pie left. However, when we visited the next morning they were still making some of the pies, meaning that we couldn’t have the ones we had seen on the website. If you want to go, we recommend going at lunch time as there will be optimum amount of pie! Grace’s apple pie (pictured above) was like a warm cinnamony hug which would transport you to a summers day in Texas.

Are there any places we missed off our list that you would recommend? Let us know below or on Twitter.


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