Tales of New Adventures

Everyone always says that your 20’s are when you learn the most about yourself, so why not do it while travelling? When we were younger we had the privilege of seeing some amazing places with our family and now that we are older want to explore further and see all the nooks and crannies that the world has to offer.

Inspired by our fellow travellers we finally decided to bite the bullet and document our adventures and share our experiences of the world. ‘Tale of Two Sisters’ will not only be a place to share those experiences with the public but with each other.

So as 2015 comes to an end we have found our feet itching to get travelling and have started planning a trip around Europe. We know that we will regret it if we never take that leap. Lets see where in the world we end up! follow us on our travels whether we are together or apart.

So lets do this! Lets explore. Lets dream. Lets discover.


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