Tale of Two Sisters – 12 Months

We can’t quite believe it has been a whole year since we first created our Tale of Two Sisters. Who would have guessed after our previous attempts that we would still be here one whole year later!

We started The Tale of Two Sisters because we were inspired to travel and wanted to inspire others and document our own adventures. It has been great to connect with those in the blogging community and feel welcomed and support its every blog post we create.

If you have been reading for a while you will know that we were planning going on a great Interrail journey this year that sadly had to be put on hold because life handed us great opportunities work wise that we just couldn’t refuse! However, we are still determined to do it! Europe were coming for ya!

As a celebration of Tale of Two Sisters birthday below are a few of our favourite posts that we have written across the year. They hold great memories for us both, and we hope you lovely people enjoyed reading them as much as we loved writing them.

1.Trooping the colour

2. The Real Cost of Copenhagen

3. Day Trip: Blue Lagoon,  Corfu

4. The best places to eat in Copenhagen

5. 10 must dos when visiting New York

Thanks for an amazing year guys – We can’t wait to see what the next one holds!




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