Seeing Paris on a budget

Paris is a beautiful city but it also can be quite pricey. Both food and accommodation can be expensive when traveling round Paris so things to do which are cheap or free is a big bonus.

If you are under 25 years old and from the EU- you are at the biggest advantage! A lot of attractions in Paris are free for you if you present your passport. For example the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Versilles and many more (see HERE for some others).

If you are lucky enough to be in Paris on the first Sunday of the month then its your lucky day! Each first Sunday most of the major museums are free admission. Be aware though that everyone knows this and it will be very busy.


One of the most iconic buildings within this great city is Notre Dame Cathedral, which is free to get in to! Go inside, look at the amazing stain glass windows and statues. Climb the towers if you have time unfortunately we didn’t but I’ve read that it is beautiful.

When we went to Paris last year we were unable to get tickets to go up the Eiffel tower because we booked too late. However, that doesn’t stop you from seeing it! You can see paris from across the city and there are some amazing view points. I would recommend going to see it at night; all lit up it makes it feel that bit more special- also every hour on the hour the tower glitters for 5 minutes.



We would recommend a trip up the Arc de Triomphe- although there is a hell of a lot of stairs. We could have died. The view from the top is beautiful though. Looking down the leafy Champs-Elysées, the slate roof tops of Paris and the Eiffel tower. If you are not under the age of 25 then the fee is €9,50 to go up.


One of the most beautiful places we have ever been to has to be Saint Chapelle. Not far from Notre Dame this is probably one of Paris’ lesser known monuments. Originally built for the King, this church has the most amazing stain glass windows. They tell the story of the bible and are just the most amazing, colourful, awe striking things to behold. Most of the windows are still the originals from when the church was build in the 13th century too. All you need to do is google this place to see what we have all been missing. Even the lower part of the chapel where the servants used to pray is covered in gold and beautiful statues. UNMISSABLE. Again you lucky younguns get to go in for free, for those who aren’t you will be asked to pay €8,50.


Some of the best views of Paris can be seen from Le Sacré Coeur. Head to the top of the steps for a wonderful view across the city. We went on the only rainy day in Paris while we were there. The green areas going up to the cathedral are perfect for a picnic in the summer too. The Sacré Coeur is also a beautiful building and is within the famous Montmatre district known for the artists who lived there.

Why not have a walk along the La Promenade Plantee. Much like NYC’s Highline- this was the inspiration for it. It’s a park walkway made from a disused railway line starting in Bastille and travelling across Paris; and COMPLETELY FREE!



What was your favourite sight to see in Paris?


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