Our Blogging Goals for 2018

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2017 was a strange year for us. You can read more about that here, but to give you a jist; we were living in London before leaving our jobs, heading home and jet-setting out on a once in a lifetime trip. We hope that 2018 will be a year of growth for us personally and for our little blog.

We have been blogging for just over two years now. It all started as a way to document our travels as we prepared to go on an interrail around Europe but life got in the way and put that trip on a back burner for a while. But the blog continued! We love writing for TOTS and every single time someone reads our blog it feels like we have gained a little gold star.

As we approach the half way mark of our BIG TRIP, and as it is the beginning of a new year, we are considering what we are going to do when we get back home. We recently saw that Twins That Travel and The Travel Hack are going to be hosting a Bloggers Retreat in April (if you want to learn more check it out here) which will host a whole range of masterclasses about blogging! When we saw their competition to win a spot on the course we knew we had to at least have a go! Thinking about a Blogging Retreat was not something that we had ever though about before, so the thought of attending such a opportunity spurred a discussion about our blog and where we want it to go this year. Things got deep guys.

So, we are taking this opportunity to not only enter for this amazing opportunity at the Bloggers Retreat but to put our goals and aspirations for our little space on the internet out in the world.




Since we started our blog consistency has wavered. When it was good we were doing two posts a week, when it wasn’t so good months would go by without us posting a single thing. So goal number one is to get a consistent post schedule and to stick to it. We have so many ideas for our blog and have struggled prioritising them in the past. Hopefully this year will be different and we can get some quality posts out regularly.


Improve reach and engagement

Ultimately we want people to read our blog otherwise why would we put so many hours into taking pictures and writing for the blog? This year we want to see more people visiting TOTS and positively engaging with our content. This means learning more about SEO and how it can help us (if anyone knows any great articles please send them our way); improving our social media game (read more bout this in a sec); doing more guest posts for other blogs, and we are considering an interview series on our blog later this year! Finally we also want more interaction with our readers! Every comment that we get spurs us on so we would love to get to know you guys more and for you to get to know us.


Introducing Lifestyle posts

TOTS started as a travel blog and we have been lucky in the fact we have visited so many places already and have been on lots of weekend or day trips last year. However, after this big trip we gonna be broke AF. We have been considering introducing more lifestyle posts for a while. When we were both working full time we had no time or spare money to travel or properly look after our blog and we talked about how lifestyle posts were going to be a lot more applicable to our situation. We still have so many travel posts to catch up from our big trip but when we get home its most likely that you will see the odd lifestyle post dropped in there too.

Ultimately we want to be introducing more cooking/baking posts, book recommendations and reviews, theatre reviews, recommending postcards, etc. All things we are still passionate about but all a little less expensive than travelling the world.


Interact with fellow bloggers

We love interacting with other bloggers on social media – Twitter and Instagram in particular – but it is so hard to do this everyday. This year we want to tell our favourite bloggers how much we love their content by dropping them a message or sharing their posts more often than we already do. Blogging is all about the community after all.

We would also like to network more by meeting up with some friendly faces rather than just chatting on social media or through comments.


Step-up our social media game

That’s right, we want to improve our content across all our social platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) to give you the best that we can. We also want to become more active and aware of what is going on with these platforms. Leaving comments and liking all our favourite posts whenever we can. Sometimes this can be hard when you dedicate hours just to social media, but getting wonderful comments back is always a bonus. The Instagram algorithm really messed things up for us last year so we are working double-time to try and get our content seen! We love talking to people on twitter through chats and we want to spread the love more this year by sharing not only our own posts but those of other bloggers that we have loved reading. Pinterest is where we want to up our game big time, its always been more of a side thing with Instagram and twitter taking over a lot of our time, but 2018 is the year of our Pinterest becoming great! Ellie Quinn’s recent blog post really got us thinking about it and now we can’t wait to get it in to shape. Another biggun’ is Facebook. Currently we don’t have a Facebook page but again this is the year we will change this, Facebook seems to be where so many people scroll and share what they have found- including us- so its about time we got on that bandwagon!


Improve our taking of/editing pictures

We have already started to do this during our big trip by taking more pictures on an actual camera instead of just using our phones – yes, we are those people who use phone shots – and we have already seen a difference in the quality of our content, especially on our Instagram posts. However, we really want to learn how to take better pictures, focusing more on the technical side rather than keeping our camera to ‘auto’. We also want to become better models… but that will come with time right? #awkwardforlife.



You may have seen from our 2017 Round-up post that we are off to Bali and New Zealand at the end of our big trip. We can’t wait! Both are bucket list places for us, and our first time in the Southern Hemisphere. However, when we come home from this trip as we said before we are going to be broke AF.

Travelling has made us realise that we really want to explore more of our home country. We love the UK and the varied cities and cultures that are within it. So expect some more day trip and weekend travelling posts rather than travels from further afield.

We have dreams of visiting so many places in Scotland (Edinburgh, the highlands, Isle of Skye), Cambridge is top of our list for when we get back home, followed by York, Bristol, Cornwall, Manchester and Lake District… the list could go on forever. But when we are back in the UK expect a few posts about our favourite local spots and why we think you should visit!


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