My favourite places to eat in Liverpool

After living in Liverpool for 3 years while I was at university, you could say that I got to know the cafes and restaurants quite well (thats if you don’t include Dominos or Pizza Hut as I’m sure they must have known me by name by the end). These are just a few of my favourite places to eat around Liverpool, I would highly recommend them all and there is something for everyone!

1. Leaf



Love tea? You will love leaf. This was one of my favourite spots as a student. Its quirky interior and delicious food makes this place a must! On Bold Street in the city centre leaf serves healthy delicious options at a reasonable price. Its multiple tea options displayed behind the bar and are available for purchase. They also hold a range of events throughout the month including a vintage fair every Sunday, life drawing and a pudding club.

2. Cuthberts Bakehouse


Cuthberts again became one of my favourite spots to visit at university. This cute little cafe is located in an old terrace house along mount pleasant. Mixing china cups and plates, multiple bunting and golden syrup tins holding sugar makes this place a pinterest heaven. My favourite thing about this place? The cupcakes. Making different flavours each week depending on the time of year i have had a cream egg, maltese, oreo and a chocolate orange cup cake before. They also put on an amazing spread for afternoon tea, which is perfect for birthdays and hen do’s. Cuthbert’s also hold a knitting club and a book club.

3. Alma de Cuba



If you are looking for something a little more luxurious why not try Alma de Cuba. Located on Seel street, inside an old church, Alma de Cuba is known as one of the most stylish places to be. It is more popular as a nightclub- they have a bar on the ground floor and Brazilian carnival dancers in the evening. The food here is delicious and beautifully presented. Try a cocktail while you’re here too, you won’t regret it.

4. Almost Famous


*DROOLING* I love Almost Famous, they have set a high standard for burgers from now on. Take a look at their menu just to see the amazing concoctions that they create- these include special burgers to coincide with holidays and tv/ film releases. For instance they created a breaking bad burger, which had blue sauce to look like meth. AWESOME! Try some bitch juice (yes that is the name of the drink) and do not leave without having a side of Bacon Bacon fries. They are the love of my life. For updates on what boozy milkshakes, special burgers or you just wanna look at dirty food porn follow them on twitter.

5. Oh Me Oh My


Located inside the and old embassy building in Liverpool Oh Me Oh My is a wonderful location. Its windows looking out on to the three graces and not far from the town hall. Its high ceilings and minimal tables give it a feeling of spaciousness and privacy. The food is much like that of leaf- devious and well made but if anything less healthy. I have eaten one of the best ever sandwiches here, a cumberland sausage and caramelised onion sandwich. (Oh.My.God.) They also hold secret Sunday lunches and afternoon tea days , these are usually advertised in the cafe or through their social media as you do have to book on to them.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Liverpool?



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