Moving to London

So back in February a friend tagged me in an instagram picture for a printing business asking for people to apply to be a Printern. I decided.. what the hell! the worst they can say is no. As you’ll know if you have been reading this blog for a while that I love art, I pursued illustration at university and during this time I grew in confidence in my screen printing skills. In my final year i decided that I wanted to do more silk screen printing and even possibly continue with a style. But time was slipping away as the end of university only came closer and closer. I got my job quite quickly after university and have been stuck in a rut ever since. This was my chance to get out!

Anyway to cut things short.. I GOT IT! Hence the move down to London. I’ve wanted to move down to London for years and finally this dream has come true. The only problem is our travel plans for this summer have had to be pushed back till further notice. The future is unpredictable at the moment with Grace finishing University this summer too and needing to look for jobs. It may mean that a month long internal becomes possibly two weeks at a time or even short weekend breaks. Our plans to travel have not been dismissed, we are still passionate about travel and seeing incredible places but life has got in the way for now.

While I’m in London I will still be posting on the blog, so if you guys have any ideas or suggestions please send them my way!

If you want to follow my progress as an artist and illustrator you can check out my illustration blog : here or my illustration Instagram: alicekiteley .

Finally…Thank You Grace for being so supportive and understanding of me following my dream job <3



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