Moving to London: One year on

View of London eye from St James' Park

So one year ago Alice moved to London to start a screen printing internship. The internship ended in November and both of us are here in the big smoke now. So what have we been up to and what have we learnt? 

The first is that London is bloody expensive. This is kind of obvious for anyone who doesn’t live in the city and we knew it was pricey before we came but I think it has kind of sunk in how pricey it is to live here. Everyone knows the rent is ridiculous and buying houses in London is a no go unless your a millionaire. But the price of living is so high too. Eating out, going out and other activities are quite expensive and can’t be a regular thing. We are definitely more home bodies than party people anyway but it would be nice to go out and not have to pay extortionate amounts of money for drinks.

Again the second thing seems pretty obvious. London is definitely a young persons city. I would not like to be elderly in this city. This is a positive for us right now because, I suppose, we are classed as ‘young people’. It’s constantly changing with amazing new pop ups and secret bars; it is an exciting place to live. There is also so much to see and do, which you obviously expect from a capital city. As many travellers will know many of the galleries and museums are free in central London, which is fabulous when you are low on money! We are still getting through our list of things to do, and our list of places to eat is ever growing. Seriously like its gonna take us years to eat at all the places.

So what are we both doing now? Well Alice’s internship finished in November 2016 and she now has a casual job working at a gallery, while also still working where she interned and trying to make some art and illustrations. Grace ended up moving to London too in September 2016 to take up an internship as well. She is currently employed full time by the same company that she interned with!

Overall we agree that living in London is great, and it would be better if we had a bit more money to do more things, but at the end of the day we will be leaving London someday, when that will be we do not know. Our countryside roots are too deep! We have met so many amazing people from living here who have made our first year here unforgettable. Living in our capital city has been a learning experience and has been a whole lot of fun too and we would throughly recommend it to anyone.



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