Movies that will give you Wanderlust

When we are not traveling there are many different sources of inspiration that keep us feeling somewhat satisfied until we next get to explore. Films offer that perfect escape, allowing you to transport yourself to a different world and imagine that you are part of that story or surrounding. Here are some of the films that inspire us to travel.

The Sound of Music


Who doesn’t want to run around in the pastures of the mountains pretending they are Julie Andrews? I know I do. One of our favourite scenes from The Sound of Music is the scene pictured above in which Maria is teaching the von Trapp children how to sing whilst being surrounded by he most amazing scenery! In fact most of landscapes in this film are to die for. If I lived in Austria I would be out in my home-made lederhosen, walking the mountains all day, everyday!




I have always wanted to find my own Paradise Falls and Up is the perfect film to teach you, in the most charing way, how you can make your travel dreams a reality, not matter how old you are. If you can find a talking dog, a rare rainbow-coloured bird and a wilderness explorer (Ca-Ca, Raaaawr) along the way then that’s a bonus. Don’t forget – “Adventure is out there!”




Amelie just makes me feel French. The scenery, the music and the handy English subtitles provides us with one of the the most beautiful films I have ever watched. Whenever I watch Amelie I find myself lusting after a visit to Paris. I want to discover quaint coffee shops like the one Amelie works in, and witness the landscapes of Paris that are portrayed in the film with stunning wide angled landscape shots. I also love the travelling gnome, I need to find myself one of those. J’adore Amelie.

Into The Wild



Into the Wild is based on the true story of Chris McCandless who left everything behind to hitchhike and live in the wilderness of Alaska. This movie shows what can happen when wanderlust takes over!  Chris’ journey is just as ‘wild’ as you would expect and is a gripping, and sometimes moving, story about following your dreams.




Tracks follows the adapted true story of Robyn Davidson’s nine-month journey across the Australian desert with her dog and camels. Robyn’s nomadic journey as the ‘camel-lady’ tests her resilience but also allows her to meet inspirational Aboriginals and other families along the way. National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan documented her journey from the Australian deserts to the Indian Ocean and photos of the real event can be found here. Tracks reminded me that while travelling alone can be good for the soul, so can having a companion – even if you cannot always understand them.

Which films give you the most wanderlust?


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