Harry Potter Locations To Visit In Oxford

If, like us, you are massive fans of Harry Potter fans and are still waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts then Oxford is the place for you! Many of the infamous colleges were used as locations of the films and with the cities’ stunning gothic architecture is is easy to see why they were so inspired to film some scenes on location here. So that you don’t miss out any spots, we’ve put together a quick guide to all the filming locations in the city! 

Divinity Room, Bodelian Library

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The divinity room at Bodelian Library was used as the Hogwarts Infirmary and also as the hall where Professor McGonnagal taught the boys to dance before the Yule Ball. You can totally imagine Dumbledore walking through those large wooden doors to check on an injured Harry for an umpteenth time, can’t you?

Duke Humphries Library

This library was used as the location for Hogwarts Library for the first four films, including  when Harry uses his invisibility cloak to steal a book to learn more about Nicolas Flamel. In order to film here they had to close the library for 3 days at a time! You can only see Duke Humphries Library by going on a guided tour which can last anywhere between 30 minutes- 1 hour. We highly recommend the tours as you learn a lot about it’s history and get to smell that amazing dusty book smell that Hermione would definitely approve of.

Christ Church College Walkways and Staircase

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Not only is Christ Church College one of Oxford’s most prestigious colleges, but it was also the inspiration for much of the Hogwarts’ buildings, which is why it was one of the main filming locations for the movies. Christ Church is open to the public most days of the year but we suggest going in the winter when it is less busy.


It’s also good to know that the staircase leading up to the Christ Church College dining hall was used in Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone when Harry and the other first years arrive at Hogwarts. It is where we are first introduced to Draco Malfoy and where we find Neville’s toad Trevor – ah the memories! As you walk up the grand staircase you can really imagine that you yourself are about to step into the Great Hall for the first time.

Christ Church College’s Dining Hall


One of the most Iconic scenes in the Harry Potter films is when Harry is sorted into Gryffindor and Christ Church’s dining room is the inspiration behind the Great Hall. The dining room is still a functioning lunch hall for the students of the college so you can only enter at certain times of the day but it is well worth a visit so that you can say you have stepped foot in the original Great Hall.

“Hogwarts will always be here to welcome you home” – J.K Rowling


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