Day Trip to Brighton

sign of Brighton Pier lit up in cloudy weather

A couple of weeks ago when the weather was glorious we decided it was time for our first ever trip to Brighton. In typical British fashion the weather decided to be less than its best but that didn’t stop us from having an amazing time and gorging ourselves on some amazing food.

We started our morning with a walk along the famous Brighton Pier. Going in and out of the penny arcades and getting so very tempted to spend all our money on rides. Luckily we didn’t, but we had to try some of the fresh doughnuts that we have heard so much about. OH MY GOODNESS. They didn’t disappoint. We sat looking over to the west pier eating our doughnuts and enjoying the view. Great start to the day!

a view of Brighton Pier looking over Brighton beach

After demolishing our fresh doughnuts we decided to have a stroll around Brighton. For once we hadn’t really planned anything to see or do. We stumbled across the Brighton Pavilion which has to be one of the most interesting buildings we have come across. Built for King George IV it has a variety of design inspirations and is pretty unique, quite fitting for Brighton really. Unfortunately we didn’t go inside but we did have a wonder round the gardens, which are lovely this time of year.

Brighton Pavillion views from the gardens with flowers

Making our way towards the lanes we popped in to Food for Friends¬†for lunch. They have the most amazing vegetarian food! So yummy that it has inspired us to eat more veggie dishes at home. We thoroughly recommend Food for Friends if you can’t tell already.

After filling up on incredible food we went for a spot of shopping. Brighton has many beautiful independent shops. You can find anything from homeware, clothes, artwork and record stores. The best selection of independent shops was in the North Laines, they had some great scandi homeware shops, a plethora of record stores and Snoopers Paradise. While we were popping in and out of shops a tour came past us, it was a silent disco tour. All signing and dancing through the streets! AMAZING!!

The Plant Room cafe Brighton interior

After a busy afternoon of walking and shopping we had to stop for a drink so we decided on The Plant Room. A cute little cafe within the Lanes serving great tea and coffee. The decor is very scandi, plants everywhere and even has a millennial pink sofa; so its right up our street. Here we decided to have a walk along the beach to end our time in Brighton.

Blonde girl on Brighton beach in the fog

Blonde girl laughs on Brighton Beach in the fog

As you can probably tell from the photos, the fog started to roll in very quickly (told you the weather was less than its best.) Plenty of people were still on the beach in the deck chairs and some brave people were paddling in the water. Overall we had a great day in Brighton. Its quite a relaxed and calm place with an individual feel. There are still plenty of things we want to see in Brighton like the BAi360 (also known as the lollypop) and we would really like to see more of the lanes. It is so easy to access from London too, so we will defiantly be back soon.


Where is your favourite place in Brighton?


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