Day Trip: Blue Lagoon, Corfu

This summer I went to Benitses, Corfu with my friends to celebrate one of my best friend’s 21st birthday! We had an amazing time while we were away relaxing on the beach, eating local food and going on adventures. One of these adventures was a day trip to Mainland Greece to see the beautiful blue caves and blue lagoon.

We went on a day excursion with Ionian Cruises which included a boat tour, a stop over in Sivota, Mourtos Sea Cave, a barbecue lunch on the boat and finally, swimming in the crystal clear waters of The Blue Lagoon. All of that for €27 per person – BARGIN!

We started our day bright and early at 8am at the meeting point in Benitses Port. From here we had an hour boat ride to our first stop in Sivota. On our ride over the Ionian Sea we actually saw a dolphin. A DOLPHIN! We learnt about the Ionian Islands and were told that Corfu is one of the greenest islands in the Mediterranean. I am hoping that will be useful in a pub quiz one day!



When we reached Sivota we passed what can only be described as the biggest bloody yacht I have ever seen when pulling into the port. Think ‘blue whale’ size. The beautiful surroundings are defiantly a pull for those who can afford their own yachts as we saw many of them sitting in the port.

Sivota is a picturesque fishing village with a lot of cute back streets to explore. It is also an excellent place to stop and have a quick drink or ice-cream. During our hour we strolled along the stone streets and settled in a cafè for some ice-cream as it was so hot.



The next stop on our tour was the Mourtos Sea Cave. In the Second World War this cave was used by the Greeks as a hideout for their submarines and navel ships. Our boat went inside this vast cave to turn around in  anticipation for our next stop. I wish we had more time in the caves and were able to get out and have a swim. Instead, we admired the beautiful blue waters below us from our seats as we slowly bobbed away.




Our last stop for the day was the blue Laggon and it would be an understatement to say that we were a little bit excited. As we turned the corner and headed toward the blue lagoon we slowly saw the dark blue waters change in colour before they finally reached the crystal clear turquoise of the lagoon.

At the Blue Lagoon Beach there was a two hour stop which gave us enough time for a lovely long swim. As soon as the boat stopped people began jumping into the water. The lagoon is extremely salty, which is probably what makes it so clear. We took to the water with our snorkels and goggles and swam around exploring the shallow waters. I chased a few fish and got freaked out by a bit of sea grass that was wrapped to my ankle but otherwise we were happily swimming around taking in the beautiful sites around us.

Surrounding the Blue Lagoon were tall white cliffs covered with vast green (what I belived to be) olive trees. There was also a small beach below the cliffs but we didn’t venture out to it as we were having too much fun in the water. I totally wasn’t pretending I was a mermaid…nope.

Once we had left the water and taken our pictures we were ready for our lunch. This was provided by Ionian Cruises and was surprisingly delicious. We were a bit dubious as we didn’t know what it was going to be but chicken skewers, bread and salad with a bit of Tzatziki was great for a post swimming snack.



On the boat trip home we were exhausted. By this point we had been out and about for six hours and we were so ready for dinner. Swimming really takes it out of you. The trip back was a little rocky as we were caught up in a storm. The waves were big, the wind strong and the lightning… pretty darn cool actually. Because of the storm we were late pulling in to port, but thanks to the excellent sailors we were all safe!

We didn’t have time to go on another exclusion during our time in Corfu, but we did have our eye on the Paxos – Antipaxos cruise that visits some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. There’s always next time eh?


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