Day Trip: Blenheim Palace

In October last year I decided to have a few days off work to visit Blenheim Palace. It has always been a place I have heard a lot of but not known much about the place. All I knew was that it is huge and that Winston Churchill was born here. Of course because of my love  for stately homes (see my post on Chatsworth house for even more big homes) I had to visit at some point!

I drove to Chatsworth and it was so worth it- driving through the lovely quaint towns of the English countryside. The driving entrance to Blenheim takes you through the picture perfect village of Woodstock- It seriously looks like something on the front of a chocolate box. I wish I would have had more time to explore the village, but that just gives me another reason to go back!



First thing you notice walking towards the house is just how big it is. Approaching from the side and walking round to the grand entrance shows of the palace to the best! IT IS MASSIVE. Walking through the doors doesn’t make it less impressive either. Taking you in to the Great Hall with its stone walls, high painted ceiling and endless sculptures. On the day I visited they were preparing for a wedding within this space so hence no photos of that- it looked amazing by the way.

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At the start of the tour of the house there is an exhibition on Blenheim’s most famous relation, Winston Churchill- learning about his early life and events that happened at Blenheim. Turns out Churchill was quite the romantic, he proposed to his wife within the grounds!

The other rooms throughout the house are just as extravagant. Painted walls and marble doorways, tapestries that include images of the family ancestors and and momentous events in British history that they were involved in (like the battle of Waterloo.) While walking through the house I managed to tag along on a tour with the cutest old man leading it! I would thoroughly recommend getting a tour- as always- because you learn so much more than if you were just walking round.

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Towards the rear of the main house they have some restaurants/ eateries within the house. There is a cafe- as usual- but they also have a champagne bar and I believe that they serve afternoon tea too. Although I didn’t stay and eat I walked through them to get to the gardens.

The gardens go on for miles. I had a potter around the fountains and statues- which makes  you feel like you are walking around in a period drama. They also have extensive park land towards the rear of the house, I couldn’t see where it ended. From what I saw it looked like there were some paths through some more of the wooded areas but unfortunately I didn’t have time to wonder around these.

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Round the front of the house they also have lots of land- including a reservoir like thing which includes a bridge to cross it. A lot of this land also looks like it is used for farming- I just wanted to feed the sheep. It is a beautiful walk and I imagine on a beautiful day it would be a wonderful place for a picnic. I definitely need another visit to Blenheim just to look round the village and the gardens- I think i’ll go in summer next time though!

Have you ever visited Blenheim Palace?




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