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    West Coast Tour: The Grand Canyon

    The next big stop on our west coat tour is the Grand Canyon! One of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon is certainly a sight to behold.

    We stayed over night at Hualapai Lodge in a local Native American reservation, Peach Springs, where we were able to watch traditional Native American throat singing. Arriving later in the day to our hotel meant we weren’t able to explore the area much but could see a lot of wildlife from our hotel window. Read more…


    West Coast Tour: Yosemite National Park

    On the second part of our west coast tour we headed over to Yosemite National Park after a quick stop over in Carmel. As soon as you enter the territory of the National Park the landscape dramatically changes. Gone are the highways and industrial buildings as you are surrounded by towering rock formations that have seen more of the Earth’s history than any of our species (#deep). Read more…


    West Coast Tour: San Francisco

    We have been lucky enough to go on many amazing holidays with our family but one that definitely sticks out is when we took a road trip through the west coast of America. Two weeks driving from place to place taking in the American scenery. Read more…