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    City Guide: Krakow, Poland

    Location: Krakow, Poland

    A few weeks ago Grace and her friends took a trip to Karakow, Poland, and fell in love with it’s laid back nature. We thought we would pop together a little guide with a few places to stay, eat and see! As always, if you have any recommendations too, feel free to leave them below – after all, sharing is caring. Read more…


    An Emotional Day at Auschwitz Concentration Camps

    It would be hard to go to Poland and learn about it’s history without visiting some of the sites of what can only be described as one of, if not the worst crimes against humanity in modern history. Lets not sugar-coat it. The Hallocaust was a disgusting display of human arrogance and Auschwitz was at the heart of so much of this suffering.

    Read more…