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    Hampton Court Palace

    It seems to be our mission to visit all the Historic Royal Palaces and Hampton Court Palace is one we have wanted to check off for a while. So we decided, when else would be better than when we are both living in London and there is a discount to enter! Read more…


    Day Trip: Oxford

    Blonde walks up to the Bodelian Library Oxford University in winter

    Getting to places from London is incredibly easy, so we have made it our mission for 2017 to visit some of the UK’s best cities over our free weekends. Our first trip of the year was to a city that we have been dying to get to for a while, Oxford. Read more…


    Harry Potter Locations To Visit In Oxford

    If, like us, you are massive fans of Harry Potter fans and are still waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts then Oxford is the place for you! Many of the infamous colleges were used as locations of the films and with the cities’ stunning gothic architecture is is easy to see why they were so inspired to film some scenes on location here. So that you don’t miss out any spots, we’ve put together a quick guide to all the filming locations in the city!  Read more…


    Exploring Little Venice in London

    Autumn is well and truly upon us. The leaves are turning bright shades of yellow and red, the air is fresher and the days are getting shorter and shorter. Therefore it was only right that we made the most of the autumn sunshine to explore the nooks and crannies of London. Our destination this time, Little Venice in Maida Vale. Read more…


    How to spend 24 Hours in London

    Before we moved to London we would usually come to the big smoke for a weekend away or a quick day trip. So knowing how to see everything on just 24hours is a speciality of ours! A day in London is just not long enough to see and do everything that London has to offer so be picky about what you want to see on your trip and do your research. Read more…