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As we are about to set off on a little adventure tomorrow we thought that really you should know a little more about Tale of Two Sisters and who is behind it. I run the blog with my sister Grace (see more about Grace here) with whom I will be travelling with! So here are 15 things about me…

  1. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Liverpool John Moores University (1st with honours too)
  2. I love the Queen and the Royal Family- she reminds me of my Grandma
  3. I am not a morning person. Having to wake up to an alarm is NOPE.
  4. I love taking photographs (i’m slightly obsessed with VISCO cam)
  5. I’m a sucker for anything retro/ nostalgic. Especially films (THE COLOURS ARE AMAZING), Photographs and home accessories.
  6. I love Musicals. Singing’ in the Rain being my favourite. Gene Kelly is such a babe.
  7. Our family loves to sing around the house, on long journeys and in general make some crap up that doesn’t rhyme- probably not helped by the musicals.
  8. Christmas is my favourite holiday, dare i say it… it is even better than a Birthday.
  9. I can not watch Disney’s Pinocchio- I was scarred for life as a child watching the children become donkeys and can no longer watch it. (who ever said snow white was the scariest has not watched Pinocchio obviously!)
  10. I love Scottish accents
  11. Grace and I took Horse Riding classes for 7 years
  12. I love reading about history and visiting historic places/ HUGE houses
  13. I’ve looked back at our family history and most of our family and we are all from the West Midlands in England. This is back to 1795 by the way and no one has left.
  14. I love watching programmes about serial killers or things like ‘women who kill’ but scary films are a no go! I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THESE CREEPY MASK FACES COMING OUT OF BUSHES.
  15. Chocolate. Always chocolate.

Well that was hard! Who knew! Anyway if you would like to follow our adventures then follow us on Twitter or check out my Travel instagram (links below). For those of you who also like illustration and arty stuff check out my illustration instagram where I also put cute childhood pictures.

Instagram: tots_alice

Twitter: @TOTStravels

Illustration Instagram: alicekiteley


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