2017 round up!

So 2017 has been an life changing year for both of us. We have heard many people saying its been a crappy year, much like 2016 but we aren’t so sure. We started this year living in London and have ended it traveling in Thailand. Sure not everything has been great but actually things have turned out pretty well.

We started 2017 living in London together both working jobs and deciding to take smaller weekend trips and plenty of days out around Britain to get our travel fix. Our first stop of the year was Oxford. Its a town we have been dying to visit for a while, having only visited the amazing Oxford services on the motorway before. So on a freezing Saturday morning we wondered around Oxford town and popped in to as many university buildings as we could handle, and eating some delicious pie. You can read all about our time (and some Harry Potter locations) in Oxford here.

blonde girl in front of Christchurch Oxford university 2017


Following this Grace took a short break to Krakow in Poland with her friends. Despite it being incredibly cold throughout the visit we managed to explore this unusual little city and all of it quirks; including Wawel Castle, St Mary’s Basilica and many vodka bars. We were also there during Tłusty Czwartek (which translates to Fat Thursday) in which the locals eat lots of doughnuts before Lent starts the week after, so of course we had to join in! While in Poland you can’t miss a visit to Auschwitz concentration camp and take in the horrific events that happened not so long ago. Read about Grace’s time in Krakow here!

girl with umbrella in Krakow, Poland 2017


As the days started to get warmer we decided to take advantage of the lovely weather, that the beginning of May had brought, and took a trip to Windsor. Luckily, thanks to Alice’s job at the time, we got free entrance to Windsor castle; so why not! We had a lovely day starting with a trip to M&S to pick up breakfast and picnic supplies. That picnic is still one of our favourite moments of our trip to Windsor. Of course we took the audio guide tour of Windsor Castle to explore the grounds, and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. You can read all about our day here.

Windsor castle on a sunny day


Alice also went to Zakynthos with her friends from home in May. It was an amazing holiday! We all had such an amazing time, and got some great tan lines (after burning and looking like lobsters for the week, re-apply suncream guys!). Visiting Shipwreck Bay was probably one of the highlights of our trip. The water was amazing, I had never seen anything like it, and swimming in the blue lagoons was something I will never forget. Read about Alice’s experience in Zakynthos here.

Shipwreck beach Zakynthos from a boat


While living in London we had to take advantage of being in the South East and visit Brighton. It was always somewhere we wanted to visit but coming from our home town it would have take about four hours on the train meaning it would be a weekend visit rather than a day trip. After all the glorious weather we had been having in May this year we were rather disappointed with the overcast day we had been given but that didn’t stop us! We basically ate all day just moving around the streets looking in shops and stoping for food. Our kind of day! Read about our day trip to Brighton here.

sign of Brighton Pier lit up in cloudy weather


Our family trip to New York City was one of our highlights of the year. Just looking back on all the photos make us so happy and desperate to go back to our favourite city. We had such a great time all together, visiting some more unusual attractions in NYC and eating at some amazing restaurants. It really is one of our favourite places to visit; although it may be a few years before we go again we know this place will always hold a soft spot for our whole family. See what we got up to and where we ate in NYC here.

Two sisters standing in times square with a backpack and a red bag


After leaving London and moving back in with our parents for a short time, before we could get travelling, we all took a day trip to the Cotswolds. Having only been there when we were very little it was delightful to visit as an adult and just enjoy our time with our parents before we left for South East Asia. We ate lunch and scones and also managed to somehow only get ‘slightly’ lost in a field.

Blonde girl in leather jacket with red bag in front of green door in stow on the wold in the cotswolds


Up until September this year we lived in London and so got to do lots of day trips around our capital city and find some of the best food spots in the city. Because of our clashing schedules in London it meant that we didn’t always have the same time off so we enjoyed going to brunch or exploring on the days we were free together. You can see our top Brunch spots in London here. We managed to re-visit some of our favourite places in London and discover some new ones like Hampton Court Palace, Kew Gardens, Sir John Soane’s Museum and Two Temple Place. Ultimately we decided that we didn’t want to live in London, which gave us the perfect opportunity to travel together. You can read our one year anniversary of living in London here, and why we decided to leave London here.


This brings us to where we are now. At the end of October this year we jet off to the other side of the world to start our adventure around South East Asia. Starting with a month in Vietnam, around three weeks in Cambodia and now in Thailand; its been epic so far. We fell in love with Vietnam and the people there, we already know that we will have to come back. Cambodia was probably the biggest culture shock of them all. Siem Reap was definitely the highlight of our trip there. Now in Thailand and having our first Christmas away from home on Koh Samui.

So what is coming up for us in 2018? Well we shall be finishing our time in Thailand by heading north and exploring a little there. Then we go back to Bangkok and on to our next new country Indonesia! Leaving Thailand and heading in to Bali for a few weeks relaxation, temples and monkeys.

While we are on this side of the world we thought “why not?!” so the plan is in February to do a road trip round New Zealand! Its a big bucket list place for both of us so we are rather excited. We are still planning and deciding how we are going to get around as well as where we want to visit. So if you guys have any suggestions please send ’em our way!

New Zealand will be the last of our big travel adventure, we’re sure by then we shall be broke. So its back home to Blighty we go. There will be plenty of more weekend adventures when we get back, we just need to save some money up first. Being on the road has made us realise how much of our own country we have yet to see, so be prepared for some more UK destinations and quite a few trips back to London.


What are you guys up to in 2018?

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