10 Travel Websites You Need To Know About

The internet is great for many things, and travel inspiration and planning help are just a few of those. Below are some of our favourite websites that help us with our travel and inspire us when we are at home!

Whenever we start looking at taking a trip the first place we look for deals on flights is Skyscanner. It has some of the best deals in the sky on the web and is extremely easy to use. When we booked through Skyscanner for our trip to Copenhagen we only paid £9 each for our return flights. Whoever says “no” to those prices is a fool! is a great website to use as a starting point to gage how expensive or cheap accommodation will be in the place you are visiting.  They have everything from local bnb’s to 4 star hotels on their website that. You can also get some money back on your booking by linking your purchase up with Quidco.


“What is Quidco?” We hear you cry. Well, Quidco is a money back service that can be used with many companies so that you get a certain percentage back from your purchase. We regally use this when booking holidays or train travel so that we know we are getting some sort of money back to put into more travel! It can also be used with shops like TopShop and Misguided, so you can get some money back on those cute travel outfits and not feel totally guilty at how much money you just spent.


AirBnb has blown up across the globe in the last few years and we regally check the site to see what is available in places that we are dreaming about visiting. If you want to live like a local there is no better way to do it than renting out someone’s room or flat for your stay; and AirBnb allows you to do just that. Many of the hosts will also give you local recommendations which you might not have gotten from a blog or guide book!

Trip Advisor

We like to plan, and Trip Advisor allows us to see other traveler’s honest opinions of accommodation, tourist attractions and local restaurants.

Spotted By Locals

If you like to explore every inch of a city like a local and less like a tourist, Spotted By locals is a great tool to do just that. This website offers city guides that are catered to the travellers who like a more ‘off-the-beaten-track’ experience while exploring.

National Trust

If, like us, you like to know about the history of the places you visit then you should take a look at The National Trust website. They conserve sites of local historical across the UK and keep these sites open and in a good condition for the visiting public. All the money that the National Trust earns goes back into the maintenance of keeping these places open for further generations to enjoy. Their website uses your location to let you know of the historical sites that are nearest to you and how you can visit them. There are always a few surprises thrown in there, so its worth a quick look.

Travel Blogs
The internet is full of thousands of travel blogs are there are some really great ones out there! There are so many reasons that you should be using travel blogs: They are free, you can look at them for as long as you want and there will be a tonne of information at the tip of your mouse. The reason that we started our travel blog was to share our experiences of the places that we travel to, whether they are good or bad; and we really like the honesty that you get from bloggers who share ‘real’, first hand experiences of the the world.

Lonely Planet
Not only are their guide books some of our favourites, but their website it jam packed with useful information too! They have great advice about Food and drink, budget travel, family travel, flights, car rentals, nature and many, MANY more things. We could pend hours just scrolling through their website and highly recommend you do the same and get some travel inspiration.

For the days when you are stuck at home or in the office and all you want is some travel inspiration, look no further than travel YouTubers and vloggers.  We get a lot of our travel inspiration through watching travel blogs, especially as they are extremely well edited and make everything look so bloody beautiful! Damn you all! Some of our favourite travel vloggers are Ben Brown, Liv from What Olivia Did and Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest.

Let us know some of your favourite travel websites! Leave your recommendations for other reader below. Sharing is caring!


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